What Does GA Mean?

What does GA in text mean?

Go AheadGA means “Go Ahead”.

The abbreviation GA is used with the meaning “Go Ahead” to indicate to the recipient that they may start or continue to do something..

What does GA mean in time?

billion yearsA billion years or giga-annum (109 years) is a unit of time on the petasecond scale, more precisely equal to 3.16×1016 seconds (or simply 1,000,000,000). It is sometimes abbreviated Gy, Ga (“giga-annum”), Byr and variants. The abbreviations Gya or bya are for “billion years ago”, i.e. billion years before present.

What is GA in age?

Definition. Ga is a common scientific abbreviation for Gigayears, 109 years, derived from the Latin Giga-annum. Note that the Latin accusative, annum, expresses an absolute age while English accusative, years, expresses a period of time.

What is GA SDLC?

In the software release life cycle, general availability (GA) refers to the marketing phase when all commercialization activities pertaining to the software product have been completed and it is available for purchase.

What’s a GA drawing?

A GA Drawing stands for General Arrangement Drawing; it is used to communicate the important overall relationship between the main elements of the tank and key dimensions.

What is GA in medicine?

Granuloma annulare (GA) is a long-term (chronic) skin disease consisting of a rash with reddish bumps arranged in a circle or ring.

What does GA stand for as a job?

What Does GA (General Availability) Mean? About. Careers.

What does GA mean in engineering?

General arrangement drawings (GA’s) present the overall composition of an object such as a building.

What is GA in business?

General Availability (GA) is the release of a product to the general public. When a product reaches GA, it becomes available through the company’s general sales channel — as opposed to a limited release, or beta version, used primarily for testing and user feedback purposes.

What GA means in football?

Goals AgainstGF – stands for “Goals For” , i.e. the total number of goals scored by the team in the season. GA – stands for “Goals Against”, i.e. the total number of goals conceded by a team in the whole season.

What is a Ga feature?

It’s basically a generic term for any feature within App Engine, even if the feature is considered stable, experimental, deprecated, etc. GA stands for General Availability – this means that the feature is publicly available, is covered by deprecation and SLA policies, and is stable.

What does GA mean in finance?

General and administrative (G&A) expenses are incurred in the day-to-day operations of a business and may not be directly tied to a specific function or department within the company. General expenses pertain to operational overhead expenses that impact the entire business.

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