Quick Answer: What Pets Are Illegal In New York State?

Ownership of some wild animals is permitted, such as horses, goats and chickens, but under special circumstances.

Do any of the animals on the list surprise you?.

Can you own a sloth in NY?

Many states have laws that specifically prohibit individuals from keeping certain exotic animals – including sloths – as pets in their households. New York is not one of those states. In New York, under NY AGRI & MKTS § 370, you’re only prohibited from owning wild animals.

10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal to Own in New York StateCoatimundi. This long-nosed South American relative of the raccoon should be legal according to the New York’s wild animal ordinance. … Binturong. This large creature is famous for having an odor that resembles popcorn. … Fennec Fox. … Kinkajou. … Wallaby. … Hyena? … Exotic Squirrels. … Capybara.More items…•Mar 11, 2021

Can I own a pig in NYC?

City law prohibits pigs from being kept as pets in the Big Apple, but that hasn’t stopped a small network of New Yorkers. … Tony Avella introduced legislation back in 2013 legalize pet pigs weighing under 200 pounds.

Can a sloth kill you?

So, while sloths are not aggressive, if confronted they can attack. Unlike hippos and a lot of other animals, there are no registered incidents of anyone being killed by a sloth, and any other type of attack is rare and not known to have been very serious.

Animals like ferrets and squirrels are a no-go, but other small, furry, cage-bound critters (think hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.) are allowed in New York.

Can you bury your pet in your yard in New York?

As of October 2011, there are no state regulations concerning burial on private property in New York. … Generally, it is illegal to bury an animal on public lands, including parks. To determine whether you can bury your dog on your property, contact your municipal or county directly.

Can I own a raccoon in NY?

Raccoons are important furbearers, providing income and recreation to hunters and trappers in New York State. … Keeping raccoons as pets may be harmful to both humans and raccoons, and is illegal.

They remain legal in the rest of New York but banned in some states across the country, including California and Washington DC. The city of New York has long defined ferrets as wild animals and generally prohibited them.

Why you shouldn’t bury your pet in the backyard?

Many people consider burying their pet in the backyard, but a backyard burial isn’t always the safest or most reliable option. It poses risks to the community and the environment, and it leaves you vulnerable to a second loss if you move or a natural disaster strikes.

Do sloths die when they poop?

Do sloths die when they poop? Over 50 percent of sloths die when they defecate. This is because most sloths climb down out of the protective trees to poop on the ground.

Can you own a pitbull in New York?

While some cities and towns in New York State do have breed-specific laws, there is no outright pit bull ban in NYC. However, in February 2010, NYCHA banned pit bulls, Doberman pinschers, and Rottweilers (full breed or mixed), from its developments.

What dogs are illegal in New York?

The New York City Housing Authority bans pit bulls in any housing under its control. Other banned breeds include dobermans and rottweilers.

Can you own a platypus as a pet?

The venomous barbs can deliver poison that is thought to be able to kill small animals and produce severe swelling and excruciating pain in humans. But there are many other reasons why it isn’t possible to have a pet platypus. … Further, they are not permitted to be kept as pets in any other country.

How many dogs can you own in NY?

The maximum allowable number of dogs on a premises that is classified as a single- or double-family residence or any commercial property shall be three for the entire premises. Any premises harboring more than three dogs over the age of four months is classified and defined as a kennel.

Is it OK to bury dog in your backyard?

California. California law does not allow a pet to be buried on a pet owner’s property.

Can I bury my dog in my backyard in Washington state?

Washington State law requires that “a person disposing of a dead animal by burial must place it so that every part is covered by at least three feet of soil; at a location not less than one hundred feet from any well, spring, stream or other surface waters; not in a low-lying area subject to seasonal flooding or within …

Can I buy a sloth for a pet?

Sloths aren’t good pets either. They require a specialized diet, a constantly warm and humid environment, and need to spend a lot of time suspended from high branches. Even so, sloths are a new “fad” pet, and continue to be obtained through illegal animal trafficking.

Where do dogs poop in NYC?

The person may remove the feces and carry them away with him/her for disposal in a toilet or their own litter basket. The feces may also be placed in a non-leaking sealed bag or container and deposited in a DSNY litter basket.

Can you have a dog in NYC?

NYC Pet Laws and Restrictions About 75% of all New York City buildings do not allow pets. The NYC Pet Law, which applies to renters living in buildings with three or more apartments and to co-op apartment owners in all five boroughs, protects dog owners who have rented in a building that does not allow dogs.

Hunting squirrel by trap is technically illegal in New York state (and the state-approved methods of capture — by hunting bow or firearm — are banned in New York City) — but, since they are nuisance animals, according to the state’s Environmental Conservation Law, they may be killed at any time in any manner by the …