Quick Answer: What Does RR Mean In School?

What is RR in bank?

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are Indian Scheduled Commercial Banks (Government Banks) operating at regional level in different States of India.

RRBs also perform a variety of different functions..

What does RR mean in gaming?

Restart RoundRR stands for Restart Round (gaming) This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Slang/chat, popular culture.

Whats RR stand for?

Rapid Response (various organizations) RR. Rules and Regulations.

What does double RR mean?

unattractive, ugly femalea woman with disgustingly big hips wearing bell bottom pants. This resembles two Rs standing back to back. Those pants make you look like a double R. See more words with the same meaning: unattractive, ugly female.

What does RR mean in Snapchat?

Restroom”Restroom” is the most common definition for RR on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. RR. Definition: Restroom.

What is the full form of RR number?

The full form of RR number is Revenue Register number. It is the unique alphanumeric number allotted by BESCOM for each meter for identification purposes.

What does RR mean in construction?

RR in Architecture2RRRailroad Construction, Genealogy, Politics1RRRestricted Rights Technology, Power, Software1RRRest Room Construction, Architectural, Technology1RRRubber Ring Architectural, Construction, Technology1RRRumpus Room Architectural, Construction, Technology

What are RR stories?

rr :- rr means re reader for example if you read a story already and you commented a spoiler about the book or whatever you put #rr.

What does RR stand for fortnite?

clans name Rainbow riders TagAboutThe clans nameRainbow ridersTag[RR]

What is the meaning of RR in wattpad?

re readerr/Wattpad is meant for users to come talk with others, share their or … … So pretty much this is just going to be about some Wattpad slang or regular slang ☺☺ rr :- rr means re reader for example if you read a story already and you commented a spoiler about the book or whatever you put #rr .

What does RR mean in fanfiction?

R&R. Stands for Read and Review. SI. Main article: Author character. Stands for Self-insert or Self-insertion.

What does RR stand for in address?

241 Format The rural route number on a mailpiece must be standardized as follows: RR ## BOX ## (in this example, “##” indicates the actual number or numbers). Note: Do not use the words RURAL, NUMBER, NO., or the pound sign (#).

What does RR mean in math?

Risk RatioRisk Ratio. Academic & Science » Mathematics. Rate it: RR.

What is reverse repo rate today?

RBI Monetary Policy TodayIndicatorCurrent RateCRR3.00% (till March 21, 2021)SLR18.00%Repo Rate4.00%Reverse Repo Rate3.35%2 more rows

What does RR mean medical?

List of medical abbreviations: RAbbreviationMeaningRRrespiratory rate blood pressure measured with a specific sphygmomanometer relative riskRRMSrelapsing-remitting multiple sclerosisRRPRecurrent Respiratory PapillomatosisRRRregular rate and rhythm (see pulse)91 more rows